Camp 20-20-20 is our aim to raise $20,000 to sponsor 20 families to attend the Justin Nesmith & Karen Warren Memorial NF Camp in 2020!

The NF Michigan camp was established to provide opportunities for children aged 5-16 to build self-esteem, gain independence, and forge relationships with other children living with neurofibromatosis. Parents also benefit by connecting with other parents who have children living with the disorder and learn ways to support each other and share experiences. The camp is held each year at the YMCA’s Sherman Lake Camp in Augusta, MI for one weekend in August.

Beyond the emotional and physical burden of dealing with a lifelong affliction like NF, a monetary toll also can become burdensome for many. Medical costs to see specialists, receive treatments, surgeries, medications, and the cost to travel to receive said treatments adds up quickly. That is why we at NF Michigan strive to provide services and experiences to the Michigan NF community like summer camp!


Please join us in making this valuable experience possible for families across the state. A financial gift of any size will help our cause of covering the costs of running the camp and make the dream of a safe, inviting, and fun summer camp possible for kids living with NF!