It would be our honor for you to consider including NF Michigan as a beneficiary in your estate plans. We will steward your resources and legacy as you join us in our mission to enhance the quality of life for those affected by Neurofibromatosis in Michigan and our vision of an educated, supported, and empowered NF Michigan community.

We propose that your legacy gift be used to continue to build the NF Michigan Endowment. This allows your gift to make a lasting change, into perpetuity. The Endowment supports NF Michigan’s organizational sustainability and on an annual basis funds are used to support NF Michigan grants and scholarships.

With the potential for significant family legacy and tax advantages, gifts to charity can be a crucial component in a well-designed estate plan. If you have any questions regarding legacy giving and/or the NF Michigan Endowment, please call (616-458-3631) or email Jay Kakaty, NF Michigan Board Member and Estate Planning Legal Counsel.