Spectrum NF Clinic - Grand Rapids

Helen DeVos Children's Hospital
Children's Outpatient Center
330 Barclay NE, Suite 203
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Bernard Eisenga, MD, internal medicine
Dan Fain, MD, pediatric neurology
Cynthia Hingtgen, MD, adult neurology
Karen VanderLaan, MD, pediatrics

Christina Limke, PhD, child psychology
Kathleen Delp, MSW, CGC, genetic counseling
Sarah Lickiss, LMSW, clinical social work
Carol Nicholas, RN, nurse & scheduler
Rosemary Anderson & Kristin Bradley, patient advocates
HOURS: Thursday, 8:00-4:30 pm; adults seen mornings only

APPOINTMENTS: 616-391-2414
FAX:                         616-391-2505
INFORMATION:    616-451-3699

Comprehensive NF1 diagnosis and management for both adults and children.  NF2 diagnosis and monitoring for adults and teens.  Schwannomatosis diagnosis and management.

Drs. VanderLaan, Eisenga, Hingtgen and Fain work together with your doctor to provide expert NF diagnosis and follow-up care.  Patients should have a primary care provider (personal physician) before attending clinic.  The NF clinic will report the results of your exam and follow-up recommendations to your primary care provider.  If you have no primary care doctor, you may call the Spectrum Health Physician Finder Service at 616-391-5999 to help locate one in your area.

MAKING AN APPOINTMENT:  The initial referral to clinic should come from the PCP, along with the patient's medical records.   It will improve service if records from other providers (hospitals, specialists, etc.) are received ahead of time.   First visit - allow one hour for adults, two or more for children.  Return visits usually run under one hour.  Follow-up appointments are made by the patient or parent, but your insurance provider may require advance approval.  
You may call any day of the week to schedule an appointment.  For further information, contact patient advocate Rosemary Anderson at 616-451-3699 or email nfwestmich@aol.com